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Our mission is to facilitate other people's creativity by connecting people who make, buy and sell. As a privately owned company we create print and refine every product for top quality results. Our core values are to support and nurture creativity and originality, and change the way people buy lifestyle products.

All our inks are water based, non-toxic and disposed of via a local waste management company. Our eco-friendly print process means no contaminants of any kind enter the water course. Unwanted post-manufacture fabrics and garments are safe for recycling, up-cycling and donation.

We source most of our fabrics from our local area. meaning we can keep quality and continuity at the highest levels possible. We always ask about where fabrics have come from, demanding safe working practices and fair wages.


Our Customers Say

New York, NY
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Fantastic service and prompt responses for any questions you may have! Very friendly service and they are genuine business people very accommodating and willing to help you out!

The quality level is stellar and the product came out exactly as the mockups looked like! Fantastic quality in the sewing and crafting of my order! Love supporting small family run business and you should too!!!

It was a pleasure working with Kathleen when I had some timing issues to work out with my order!!! I would highly recommend them!!!
Adumim, Israel
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The experience I had working with CreatEve Designs was nothing short of 5 Stars (I wish I could give them 10!).

After researching other companies that I could use to create a custom patterned work shirt, I ultimately decided to go with CreatEve Designs for a couple of reasons.

The first was the outstanding customer service from Kathleen, who was incredibly patient with me while we got the finalized design. The response time was usually within an hour, and her dedication to answering every question I had relieved me of every concern I could have possibly had.

The second was due to the cost effectiveness of the product. I have found other sites like CreatEve Designs, but none of them matched the competitive price, or had a hefty set-up fee upfront.

As soon as we got the approved design ready to go, the process was so easy. I received a mockup of the shirt within one day of sending it through. After approving, it took about 2 weeks to see an image of the finished product, and it made it from the factory to my home within 2 days of approving! (I WAS SHOCKED BY THE SPEED).

The quality was as expected and the image was clear! I can’t wait until I have another need to design a custom shirt (or anything else) through CreatEve Designs.

We want to support as many designers and creative businesses as possible. Creative businesses and independent artists or designers who have print designs ready to upload and start creating a product line.

Designers who have a place to sell, whether it's your own website, a regular market stall, events, exhibitions, trade shows, a store on another online marketplace, or a bricks and mortar shop.

Email us at info@createvedesigns.com to get the best pricing on your stock.

We Support You

Our Team

Our office studio is based in California. Our main production studio is outside Shanghai.

Cut, Sew and Dye Manufacturers

We use the latest digital printing technology to produce high definition and long lasting prints without leaving texture or residue.

We print your designs onto a wide range of high quality handmade clothing fabric then cut and sew to our exclusive patterns ready for you to sell to your customers.

Ethically Produced

We believe that investing in your business means investing in your people. That’s why we only partner with ethical factories that ensure that each of their employees receives a fair wage, and are subject to equitable workplace practices.


We do provide bulk pricing and discounts for quantities at 20+, 50+, 100... if you decide to do a bulk order we will sample for you for a discount. You can mix and match any number of designs, sizes, and products.

No need to order multiples of the same product, design or size to qualify for the next tier and with no minimum amount to get discount. Email us at info@createvedesigns.com for more details.

Drop shipping, Order fulfillment or Integration

We can fulfill orders, though we don't have an integration or API set up just yet. This is a very exciting update for the future. If you want us to ship directly to your customer, simply enter their address as the shipping address at check out.

This is a great opportunity for you to design products, test the quality and see how your customers react to our product, we are sure you'll be impressed.