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Shop women’s clothing online made from high quality sustainable materials. Find your own style through our eclectic range of women’s clothing designed by our CreatEve Artists.


Create your own style with our designer range of men’s clothing online. Handmade t-shirts, hoodies, pajamas and more all designed with unique and eclectic prints.


CreatEve Designs created an eclectic range of accessories for men, women and children. Each piece is handmade to order and designed to the highest quality.

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Sell Custom Clothing, Accessories, and Home Decor on Demand
With No Inventory or Upfront Cost

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Take advantage of our exclusive bulk discounts! Purchase a minimum of 20 pieces of any design, across various sizes and designs, and unlock incredible savings. The more you buy, the more you save! Enjoy an exclusive discount ranging from 20% to 40% based on the quantity of items in your order. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to save big!

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How We Work

We make everything custom and on demand. For every project, be it a single t-shirt or 10,000 hats, we print in the fabric first and then cut and sew. We have flexibility over the shape, of the items we're producing, as well as their fabrication. Moreover, we can print ALL OVER anything.

Free use of mockups!

These are great for sharing your artwork with your audience. Share mockups on Instagram, my website, my portfolio, and my store. This helps you showcase your artwork in a very professional light. It also paints a picture for potential customers about what the physical product they’re purchasing is going to look like.



Create your own design online

We print and make it fast  warehouse-icon

We ship directly to you or to your customers

Loads of products to choose from

Our own brand identity is very fun and playful using over 250 different styles we have for design. We hope that anyone can create the all over printed products they dream of.

CreatEve Designs enables creative people to build brands, offering unique products to fans and customers, and gives consumers the chance to find exclusive, exceptionally well-made designer products. We print, cut and sew all our custom clothing to give these staple garments a fashionable twist. Handmade using the finest fabrics, your own design comes to life with us.



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Such good fabric! Amazing cut, the print quality is super vivid and all the buttons and zippers are amazing. I really like how deep the pockets are as well, and you can’t beat CreatEve Designs’ customer service, they actually email you with updates and stuff way better than other sites like this out there!
Marissa Clark
Marissa Clark
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CreatEve Designs is wonderful to work with - their customer service team is readily available and the turn around time on new products was under a week. Beyond that, the quality is superb!
Maggie Revel. Mielczarek
Maggie Revel. Mielczarek
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The looks and feels a lot more luxurious than a typical bag like this. The colors were shimmery and pretty, and elevated my design as such. From a business standpoint, I am not sure how this could be a good fit due to cost, but I do very much like the product.

It has taken a long time to find a cotton option that is the right texture. Most dye sub options are only poly, so for that I was very pleased, as well as the color quality. I like the fit, I am about a size 10 and I would probably take a medium in this instead of the large I ordered. It was a little hard to know since it is unisex. Texture is good, and I’m hoping it will get softer and softer though washing.
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I had been in contact with several other textile and print studios around the world but none of them could take on my order. They said my idea requited more "custom work, which they couldn't do". But CreatEve Designs could! And they did a stellar job! The shirt didn't have an complicated prints. In fact, it was quite simple.

What made it a challenge was that it was made out of a bunch of different colored fabrics and they had be of a certain color to work well together. It took some time but eventually we got it right! The customer service CreatEve Designs was like a dream all the way through our project! I would definitely recommend them for anyone who have a more custom design in mind! I will definitely work with CreatEve Designs for my next apparel project!



  • $120.00

    Perfect for updating your wardrobe or creating your own line...

  • Windbreaker
    Rated 0 out of 5

    We have taken the classic jacket/coat and given it a...

  • $65.00
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Think shorts are only for summer? Think again. Customized and...

  • Tote Bag

    Bags are the ultimate statement fashion accessory. Design your own...

our clients


Los Angeles, CA
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Great Product! The print came out really great and fully saturated. Material is a nice heavy blend, that is definitely worth the money and the turn around time was great! will definitely customize something again!

Great Shirt! The print came out so nicely on this fabric and it is holding the ink really well. thank you CreatEve Designs FOR MAKING THIS COME TO LIFE!

The team was great with placing the design perfectly, and the feel of the fabric is excellent! Sizing is also perfect! Thank you again for a beautiful product!
Bayern, Germany
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I ordered a pair of trousers with many colors and first a on them and they came out exactly how I wanted them to truly great work from CreatEve Designs.

I ordered a T-shirt with many vibrant colors and different designs and the finished product came out extremely amazing!

Shipping was fast and CreatEve Designs has great communication service thank you so much.
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Perfect shirt and amazing price. The way the fabric retains the vividness of your design is unbeatable. Also CreatEve Designs has the best customer service of any website.

Really nice jacket! I love the cut and the fit, the buttons are good quality and the fabric they use retains the colors of your design super well! You also can’t complain about CreatEve Designs’ customer service which is the best of any website I’ve experienced like ever.
Julie C
New Paltz, NY
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I had two different patterns on this bag style and they both came out wonderfully. They were given as gifts and the recipients were just stunned. I really appreciated that a confirmation email with a photo of the product was sent for my review.

I ordered a few different patterns on these shirts and they all came out great! Colors are bright and clear and the people at CreatEve Designs went out of their way to assist with everything arriving just the way I hoped.
Jeffrey C Preuss
Weatherby Lake, MO
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This shirt looks great, the print is bright and clean. The fit is exactly right (I specifically followed the size chart). VERY happy with it. These pants look great. The print turned out very nicely. These turned out to be a bit looser through the leg than I like, but the FIT at the waist is spot-on.

Very sturdy construction!
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Really nice colors on this bomber when you use your own design, will order another one for sure!

Great product! The way in which it was made is really careful and excellent. Love CreatEve Designs! Hope to use them again in the future.
Vancouver, BC
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Love the amazing job that the CreatEve Designs team did to make this perfect button up shirt!
Leland, MI
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I’m very happy with this jacket. The fit and style of the jacket is accurate to the photo and the print quality on my pattern is detailed and clear. It’s a very cute cropped jacket and comfortable!
Joneien Leah Johnson
Brooklyn, NY
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This dress turned out really fantastic! Exactly what I had in mind when designing. Kathleen was great to work with and I plan to launch even more products in the future. Great dress and great quality.
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Twill trouser is heavy duty and durable great quality.
San Diego, CA
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I’ve had a great experience so far with CreatEve Designs. Every piece is beautifully printed, good quality and very quickly shipped. The customer service is exceptional. Looking forward to creating so many more.



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