Kids Backpack


Become a fashion designer in minutes by making your own accessory.
This simple yet statement accessory is a must-have for anyone with a fashionable sense and look fabulous. 
Our selection of custom printed accessory has something for everyone. Made to order with the utmost care and precision.
  • Printed on the entire front and mirrored at the back.
  • 250 dpi is better, but 72 is fine as well.
  • You can upload a PNG or JPG. Coloration depends on the color profile assigned to the image vs the type of fabric printed on.
  • For natural fibers they need to upload an RGB file and for synthetics they need to use a CMYK file. Uploaded Image file will be removed after 72 hrs.
  • Dimensions: 12″W x 15″H x 3″D. The body is 100% poly-canvas, straps are 100% cotton
  • Your print will cover the entire front side and bottom of the bag. / There is an interior pocket. / The backside and straps can be either solid white or black.
  • Machine wash and air dry.


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