Neoprene Tote Bag

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Bags are the ultimate statement fashion accessory. Design your own printed bags online, and create a bespoke piece of fashion you can wear every day. 
Make an on-trend accessory, that will make a statement of any outfit. 
  • Printed on the entire front and mirrored at the back.
  • 250 dpi is better, but 72 is fine as well.
  • You can upload a PNG or JPG. Coloration depends on the color profile assigned to the image vs the type of fabric printed on.
  • For natural fibers they need to upload an RGB file and for synthetics they need to use a CMYK file. Uploaded Image file will be removed after 72 hrs.
  • Hand wash in cold water and hang dry.
  • The neoprene tote bag has a structured shape with your choice of black or white nylon webbing straps.

1 review for Neoprene Tote Bag

  1. Julie C

    I had two different patterns on this bag style and they both came out wonderfully. They were given as gifts and the recipients were just stunned. I really appreciated that a confirmation email with a photo of the product was sent for my review.

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